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Justin.TV Breaking New Ground
(released 6/27/2007)

The Truman Show meets chat rooms. Reality TV without the scripts. Different people from different backgrounds, but not in one room. In their own spaces, out in public, doing whatever they do.

This is Justin.TV

If you haven't heard of this, check it out. They have live streaming video on the net from different people. Each one is like watching a new channel.

Justin does his thing with a camera strapped to his head, so you get his view of where he is. ijustine is a graphic/web designer and you can catch her working on the web in her room from a standard PC cam. When I logged in, I didn't catch the officecam, but even the geeks have a channel. parrisharris AKA phasionTV was going shopping. mooncricket, who happens to be working on a documentary about bboy and bgirl dancing, was on his way to the Transformers premiere at the Los Angeles Film Festival.

There are archives of the videos. Obviously, there are gaps. The whole time there are fans chatting away at each channel.

The streaming isn't new, but the streaming live while in a car or walking down the street seems to be.

Here's a link. Check it out...

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